Get Your Business Cash Flow Under Control!


"I was 180 days behind in my bills and had no spare cash. I've been using this software for 6
months, and now all my bills are current and I have money in savings!" - Dr. Jim P.

What is Cash Flow and why is it important to my business?

Cash flow is the most important resource a business has to keep it alive and growing. It’s the money that comes in, moves through the company and moves out to pay for what the company needs in order to keep producing income.

It can be likened to being the fuel in the gas tank of the company.

When the cash flow needle is hovering on the empty mark it is stressful and the company cannot survive and pay their bills. That’s when they start getting into the credit debt trap.

A business needs to have steady and increasing cash flow to promote, to pay its bills, to get off and stay off the debt carousel, to cover the annual increases in the cost of doing business, and expand and stay viable out into the future. A company cannot survive without adequate cash flow. It’s so important, that I developed the Cash Flow Mojo™ software to help businesses.


What does the Cash Flow Mojo™ software do?

First, the Cash Flow Mojo™ software is a cash flow calculator that figures out the amount of cash that the company needs to bring in on a weekly basis to pay its operating expenses, to plan for the future needs of the business, and to get money stashed away in savings for wealth building. In other words, to find out what the cash flow budget is and what the Income Planning target needs to be to do better than break even.

Next, it has a sales and income planning module that helps the business owner work out the cash flow formula of exactly how they are going to make that Income planning target each week.

Then, it has the simplest, bust most sophisticated cash flow spreadsheet called the Cash Flow Controller. It’s a master cash flow statement template, that walks the business owner through the exact steps of how to allocate the cash flow that came in to pay the operating expenses, pay off debt and get cash stashed away in specific savings accounts that we call “buckets of cash” with each bucket designated for a specific purpose.

It helps get the income up and it helps keep the discipline in to use the income to the best financial advantage of the business.


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