What Brings Business Money Management Success?

On business money management success… “You might well remember that nothing can   bring you success but yourself.”   – Napoleon Hill My friend Perry Marshall has a term he coined – “Operation Moneysuck” – and it describes what  happens to you, as a business owner, when you are in your business working on doing […]

Recognizing Business Money Management Opportunities

Recognizing Business Money Management Opportunities “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities   brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” – Charles R. Swindoll Solving Business Cash Flow Problems is one of those great opportunities that most business owners see as an impossible situation when, in fact, it is not rocket science, nor does it take […]

Business Money Management – Perry Marshall – For | Against

Brian and I have been following Perry Marshall on business money management and marketing for several years. Often brilliant, witty, funny and inspirational; sometimes he posts something that just makes me say “WOW! that’s awesome.” Here is one in that category that he recently emailed to me and gave me permission to share: “We are […]

Business Money Management – What About Money Management?

Business money management – What about money management? “Managed money works harder, goes further, and accomplishes more than money that is spent without a plan.” – Sandra Simmons P.S. – Sign up to get our free Business Cash Flow Control Guide   Business money management – What about money management?

Business Money Management – What Determines Your Financial Condition?

Business Money Management – What Determines Your Financial Condition? “It’s not only how much money you make. It’s what you do with it that determines   your financial condition.” – Sandra Simmons How is it that some businesses manage to flourish and become financially successful, and yet many do not? How do they accomplish what […]

How To Maximize Your Federal Income Tax Deductions

It’s the 2009 tax season, and you should already be looking for those federal income tax deductions that can legally lower your tax bill. Here are a number of the typical deductions that you want to make sure your tax preparer knows about so you get the full federal income tax deduction allowed. 2009 Mileage […]

10 Business Money Management Predictions for 2010 and Through the Next Decade

Major changes are happening in the way businesses operate. Here are our predictions for 2010 and throughout the next decade. Money Management Prediction 1 – Business Operations Will Be Streamlined For More Efficiency. With the technological advance of computers and the Internet, faster communications at lower costs will become even more important to increase efficiency […]

Tax Relief from Mortgage and Credit Debt Settlement

You can apply for income tax relief for up to $2 million (or $1 million if married and filing separately) in debt that is cancelled, or forgiven, by your mortgage lender on your primary residence. The law has been extended through 2012 under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. If you have lost your home through […]

Invoice Factoring for Business Owners and Medical Providers

As the U.S. and global economy continues to struggle and credit gets tighter, steady cash flow becomes more and more important to the survival of a business. One source that has been around for decades is accounts receivable factoring; also referred to as invoice factoring. This tool has become an important small business money management […]