Cash Flow Management – Top 7 Actions to Guarantee You Will Be Broke

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Cash Flow Management – Top 7 Actions to Guarantee You Will Be Broke

WARNING: This is pretty blunt, so if you have thin skin and get offended easily you should definitely take a pass on reading it…

Burning-Dollars-Wasting-CashSo you want to be broke, have no money, and stay in the economic trap?

Here are the top 7 actions you can take to insure you have NO MONEY and are living in poverty.

1. Spend every dime you make and deny yourself nothing; buy stuff whether you need it or not.

2. If you have any money in the bank or room on your credit cards, go out and spend it. Don’t worry about emergencies that may come up. When they do, borrow more money to handle it.

3. Work to make just enough money to barely pay your bills and be sure to spend your free time out spending money. Don’t stress over the yearly increase in the cost of living.

4. Use your credit cards to pay for essential items like gas and groceries, and to do impulse shopping for things you want but don’t need. Max out those credit cards.

5. Pay only the minimum payment required on your credit cards each month, and don’t worry about the extra charges for paying late or spending over your credit limit.

6. Never put any money in savings, and if you do, feel free to tap into those funds when you can’t pay your bills.

7. Rely on the Government and Social Security to take care of you when you can no longer work.

These actions will guarantee that you are being controlled by the money and are broke and living in poverty.

If you don’t care that you’ll constantly be worried about money and plagued with money problems, then you’ll be able to spend those sleepless nights out spending more money on credit cards or shopping on-line on the computer for entertainment. Heaven forbid that you should be working on ways to take responsibility for your own financial survival instead of relying on someone else to take care of you financially. Isn’t that what friends, family and the Social Security system are for?

Now that I’ve given you all this advice about how to live broke and die penniless, I should also tell you that there is a money management software system that you can use to control your income, profits and pay off debts to get on the road to financial freedom. Just in case you change your mind and decide you want to take responsibility for improving your own financial condition, you can read some of my other articles on this Money Management Solutions Blog.

Sandra Simmons, President of Money Management Solutions, Inc. specializes in helping business owners with their business cash flow management so they can achieve their financial goals and be able to retire some day with plenty of money.

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