Cash Flow Management Tip – Don’t Lose Sales From This Google Change!

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Cash Flow Management Tip – Don’t Lose Sales From This Google Change!

Losing sales is disheartening…and insult is added to injury when you lost those sales unnecessarily.

In this case, you have time to act, and have control over whether or not you lose sales by having your website ranking obliterated by Google.

I wanted to share this information with you that our subsidiary company, Customer Finder Marketing, just published. They have a 12-man team whose sole function is tracking the changes GOOGLE makes in their algorithms. They do that so they are sure their clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Here’s what they said today: In an unprecedented move, Google has announced ahead of time a major change they are going to make. This change will negatively affect millions of websites.

You can read the article and take the very simple steps it outlines to ensue your website is not one of the ones that will be severely downgraded in ranking by GOOGLE.

Mobile Friendly Website Warning: You Could Lose Half of Your Website Traffic

FAIR WARNING! Don’t put off testing your websites using the link in the article by Customer Finder Marketing, because ignoring this could cost you a bundle in sales, especially since your competitors are probably not ignoring it.

Max your cash flow management mojo and check out the article. The financial health of your business could depend on it, and the clock is ticking.