Invoice Factoring for Business Owners and Medical Providers

by | business cash flow management

As the U.S. and global economy continues to struggle and credit gets tighter, steady cash flow becomes more and more important to the survival of a business. One source that has been around for decades is accounts receivable factoring; also referred to as invoice factoring. This tool has become an important small business money management strategy.

Invoice factoring is not just for manufacturers. Many types of business owners, including Dentists, Chiropractors, and other healthcare providers have turned to this method to insure a steady stream of cash into their businesses.

Kent Harlan, owner of Ozarks Capital Funding has been a reliable resource for factoring for healthcare professionals for a long time, and has even written a book about it that makes this tool easy to understand.You can read his blog article Factoring For Medical Providers and check out his book to learn:

– How factoring can be better than bank loans

– The easy application process

– How fees are determined – you’ll be surprised

– The other services factoring companies provide that will save you money

– How your company can take advantage of the infusion of working capital from factoring

– How factoring companies communicate with your customers

– How to find out if you qualify before you apply

– Why utilizing a factoring broker is advantageous to you

If you are in the Dental industry, you should also visit Kent’s website focused on Dentists at