Money Management Solutions – Who We Are

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Money Management Solutions – Who We Are (Audio Recording)

Listen as Sandra Simmons, President and Founder of Money Management Solutions, Inc. discusses how the company helps business owners take control of their financial future instead of being controlled by the balance in their bank account.


I’m Sandra Simmons with Money Management Solutions. We provide practice owners with a cash flow management software system and coaching system that allows the business owner to easily take charge of their financial future rather than being controlled by the balance they have in their bank account.

We help business owners correctly manage the cash and assets of their business to insure its survival, and train the business owner how to control the income and outgo of cash to move from just making a living to developing real wealth.

In essence we help them develop into a cash cow company that makes more profit than it needs to survive, and train them to manage the flow of cash so they can raise the cash cow rather than sacrificing it, and reach the financial goals they set when they made the decision to open their practice.

We have worked with practices that are deeply in debt, literally on the verge of bankruptcy, and have dug them out of the soup and set them on the road to solvency.

We have also worked with practices that make so much money that they end up needlessly wasting a lot of it so they have lots of material stuff, but they still don’t have long-term financial security.

To illustrate how that is true for my clients, here’s a testimonial from a client who said

The Money Management System and Sandra’s help allowed me to fix my financial problems and change the way I do business resulting in surviving this economic turmoil. I know for a fact that I would not have been able to save my business without this change.

Our Money Management Planning system gets results – and we guarantee those results when the system is used exactly as intended without alteration.

To learn more about how to turn your company into a cash cow, spend some time looking around at our website or give us a call.