Money Management Tip – Stop…BEFORE You Roll Up That Spare Change

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I live, think, and breathe money management, so I can’t believe I haven’t told you this before.

I guess I thought everybody knew this, until I was talking to a friend of mine today who said, “I finally rolled up that big jug of change last night and took it to the bank today.”

Of course I asked, “Did you find any silver dimes, quarters or nickels in it?”

And she said, “What?”

Okay, so I assumed, and you know what that usually means. Darn!

So here’s the deal.

A nickel minted between 1942 – 1945 is worth over $2.50 at the price of silver right this minute.

A dime minted before 1965 is worth over $3.25.

A quarter minted before 1965 is worth over $8.00.

And a half-dollar minted before 1965 is worth over $16.00, and between 1965 and 1970, over $6.50.

So…BEFORE you put those coins in the paper roller and lug them off to the bank, check the dates! You could be giving away a LOT of money.

You can check the coin melt values in real-time at this website:

If you find one of value, like I did last time I rolled up my change, stick it in the safe for a rainy day.

The value of a paper dollar has dropped over 30% recently, while a silver dollar has grown in value to almost $35.00

Which would you rather have in that bucket of cash that should be sitting in your safe for emergencies?

I’m just sayin’…

p.s. I’d love to celebrate your finding some silver in that jug of change, so leave a comment when you discover some!

p.p.s. A friend of mine gives his kids and grandkids Silver Eagle coins as gifts. A new baby in the family gets 200 Silver Eagles to start their wealth building plan. How smart is that? Silver has risen from $8.50 an ounce to almost $50 an ounce, and many economists are saying the price per ounce could double in the next few years.

So again, I’m just sayin’…check your change!

Money Management Tip – Stop…BEFORE You Roll Up That Spare Change