How To Attract New Patients and Customers To Your Business With Marketing

I often get asked by my business and practice owner clients for good ideas for marketing to attract new patients and customers. I am a huge proponent of promoting because, done correctly, it drives up patient and customer counts, and drives up income. Here are my thoughts and ideas. Referrals Are Pure Gold I know […]

10 Business Money Management Predictions for 2010 and Through the Next Decade

Major changes are happening in the way businesses operate. Here are our predictions for 2010 and throughout the next decade. Money Management Prediction 1 – Business Operations Will Be Streamlined For More Efficiency. With the technological advance of computers and the Internet, faster communications at lower costs will become even more important to increase efficiency […]

How Your Profit & Loss Accounting Statement Can Help You Increase Sales

What do you do when you get your Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) from your accountant, or when you print one from your accounting software? Do you ignore it, or look at the total income and the bottom line net income and then toss it in a drawer or file folder without analyzing it? If […]