Sandra Simmons has been consulting me on my business over the past year. Since that time she has established savings and excellent accounting records that have allowed me to expand my business and prepare myself for future growth.

Sandra has great vision and very good business skills that have helped me develop my corporation and succeed in all my goals. Through her guidance and coaching I have increased my cash flow, paid down my dents and established funds and accounts that will help me grow further and faster.

She is very professional, honest and sincere. She has worked with me one-on-one and helped me deal with issues in my business that I thought I would never be able to handle or tackle.

I would recommend Sandra Simmons for any business, corporation, or entity wanting to advance in the near future.

Amaris Centofanti – Amaris’ Aesthetics, Inc.

I absolutely love this cash flow management software.  This not an accounting software although it integrates with accounting software such as Quickbooks.  This software, and the training that comes with it, changed my view about how to look at, predict and solve financial problems within my organization.  We have gone from counting the total available funds at the end of the month and trying to figure out how to pay the bills (that totaled more than we made) to predicting accurately what we need ahead of time and creating ways to bring that amount of income in the door.  FABULOUS!!

Just a little shift in the way a person thinks can totally change how you do business and how the business operates. Many thanks to the staff of Money Management Solutions for their dedication and care in getting us set up and on our way to achieving our financial goals!

CEO of a Non-Profit Organization

“I have tried other cash flow management software programs and consultants and, while they each had a few highlights, they didn’t do what I needed for them to do. And I agree it is because those other programs and consultants use information from the past and the Cash Flow Mojo® software looks at what I should be doing today and out into the future. Just the idea of being more financially organized and in control of my cash flow is the holy grail to me.”

Robert Caruso – Big Sky Custom Homes

“I have used this software program “Cash Flow Mojo” for a Fortune 100 company that does a gross of $2.5 Million per year. It enabled me to turn the company around and move it from red to black within one year. I was also able to establish a reserve account of over $75,000.

If you follow the Cash Flow Mojo® program, you will definitely be able to work yourself out of debt, set-up various reserve and savings accounts and increase your profitability. The program itself is very user friendly and easy to use.

I personally have known Sandra Simmons for several years and she knows what she is talking about. Her expertise in this area is beyond compare and I have personally witnessed what she has been able to do for various companies.”

Kathleen L. – Accountant

“This method works. It worked for my company… I personally know the owners of other companies that Sandra has turned around with it, and it will work for any company, or personal budget, for that matter. Sandra knows her stuff. If you want to be wealthy, you need to implement the process of Cash Flow Mojo.”

R. Hamilton – Marketing Consultant

“When I was visiting my accountant for my annual meeting with him, I was telling him about the cash flow software and he wanted to see how it worked. So I just logged in on his computer with my login info and password to my account and showed him the software with my data and information. He thought it was great and wanted to have his other clients use it too. I told him this is the software tool I’m using now to get my finances of the business in order and increase my cash flow. Thank you.

Irvin Lloyd – Author

“This program makes cash flow management a piece of cake.”

A. T.

“This software does what it promises it will do. I really like the training videos.”


“I am more careful with the way I allocate [portion out] money. It is keeping me disciplined with my finances.”

Dr. J. W.

We have been using the Cash Flow Management software for approximately four years and I can DEFINITELY say that it is an invaluable tool for proper cash flow planning. Not only has the software helped our Company to manage cash during challenging economic times, it has also helped us to put money away for growth and expansion.

It is so easy to use that it makes doing weekly financial planning fun!!!

In addition, Sandra and her team are WONDERFUL customer service providers. Whenever I have had questions, she or her team answered the phone right away or responded to me extremely quickly. She and her team are very friendly, very helpful, and very patient.

This software is a “must have” for all businesses who want to THRIVE (not just survive)!!!

Thanks a million!!!

Gregory K,, CPA