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Sandra Simmons has been consulting me on my business over the past year. Since that time she has established savings and excellent accounting records that have allowed me to expand my business and prepare myself for future growth.

Sandra has great vision and very good business skills that have helped me develop my corporation and succeed in all my goals. Through her guidance and coaching I have increased my cash flow, paid down my dents and established funds and accounts that will help me grow further and faster.

She is very professional, honest and sincere. She has worked with me one-on-one and helped me deal with issues in my business that I thought I would never be able to handle or tackle.

I would recommend Sandra Simmons for any business, corporation, or entity wanting to advance in the near future.


Amaris Centofanti – Amaris’ Aesthetics, Inc.

“I have tried other cash flow management software programs and consultants and, while they each had a few highlights, they didn’t do what I needed for them to do. And I agree it is because those other programs and consultants use information from the past and the Cash Flow Mojo® software looks at what I should be doing today and out into the future. Just the idea of being more financially organized and in control of my cash flow is the holy grail to me.”


Robert Caruso – Big Sky Custom Homes

“This method works. It worked for my company… I personally know the owners of other companies that Sandra has turned around with it, and it will work for any company, or personal budget, for that matter. Sandra knows her stuff. If you want to be wealthy, you need to implement the process of Cash Flow Mojo.”


R. Hamilton – Marketing Consultant

“This program makes cash flow management a piece of cake.”


A. T.

“I am more careful with the way I allocate [portion out] money. It is keeping me disciplined with my finances.”


Dr. J. W.

We have been using the Cash Flow Management software for approximately four years and I can DEFINITELY say that it is an invaluable tool for proper cash flow planning. Not only has the software helped our Company to manage cash during challenging economic times, it has also helped us to put money away for growth and expansion.

It is so easy to use that it makes doing weekly financial planning fun!!!

In addition, Sandra and her team are WONDERFUL customer service providers. Whenever I have had questions, she or her team answered the phone right away or responded to me extremely quickly. She and her team are very friendly, very helpful, and very patient.

This software is a “must have” for all businesses who want to THRIVE (not just survive)!!!

Thanks a million!!!


Gregory K,, CPA

Although we had the Cash Flow Management software for quite some time, we never used it. But, finally, we made time to listen to Sandra Simmons’ webinar, where she asked us our most pressing financial and business concerns and then actually addressed them.

From that, we signed up for a consultation.

The results are many after such a short input of time. Our software is now in use, AND we have a financial program to follow which will get us on the road to effectively managing our cash flow and making more money. Additionally, Sandra gave us some great, easy and inexpensive marketing ideas that make sense and are relatively easy to accomplish. One in particular was brilliant!

Sandra gave us effective direction so that I am making more effective use of my time and not spinning my wheels.

This was a GREAT investment of our time.

Thanks Sandra. Here’s to making and having more money!


T. G., G.M. – Construction Co.

Hi Sandra, I wanted to say thank you very much for your assistance in getting my program up and running, I’m impressed with your knowledge in the computer technology; you make it so easy.

Also, the customer service experience that I had and always get from you and your company is phenomenal! I don’t feel like I’m a burden when I call you, like at times when I deal with other people or companies, it seems like if I’m bothering them!!!! But with your company it is like really getting help !!! without having to go through an unpleasant experience. I know it was a little late in the evening when I needed your help, and still you did not hesitate.

Your software product is just awesome! it definitely delivered what it promised. I have so much peace of mind knowing that my auto repair shop and I are well organized financially. [ PRICELESS !!! ].

Once again, thank you very much.


Peter Torres – Pete’s Auto Service – Chicago

“I always felt there had to be a better way of controlling and managing the finances of my business. What I could spend money on, and where it needed to go was just an internal feeling or idea I had, but it was not based on any concrete data that was based on good financial principles.

Now I do! I now have the right tools and knowledge to achieve financial success in my dental practice. I have waited a long time to be compensated well for labor. I feel I can achieve that now.”



“Your program is really a godsend, as for years I’ve been wanting to put control in on my finances… Your program and instruction manual makes it so simple. I’m going to tell all my friends and business associates about your program!”



“We love the program. We have used it now for 3 weeks and it really helps us keep in control of our spending. We really like knowing exactly how much money we have and where we are spending it. Once I get the practice planning in place, I’m going to start using it for our personal finances.”


Dr. J

“Less than 3 months ago the likelihood of paying off a huge debt without borrowing money seemed impossible, much less figuring out how to continue running our business without any money. Our production statistics were down, the quality of our work was poor, jobs were not profitable, acquiring new contracts was at a stand still and we were BLOCKED.

“Using this Cash Flow Management Software, we did our weekly planning faithfully. It brought us understanding of what caused our financial difficulties in the first place, peace of mind through a very stressful period, and the ability to get through each week with a plan of action that allowed us to systematically work ourselves into a better condition in just a short three months. Now the contracts are flowing in, we have qualified personnel, great profitable work, haven’t had to borrow a penny to pay off debts and now have a very simple and workable technology to flourish and prosper.”



“Two years ago my construction company was close to bankruptcy with only $30 in our bank account and no way to pay bills. Using the Cash Flow planning software program we are doing so well now. With the power of this system and the financial stability it has helped us create, we now have plenty of cash in reserves and always have more operating capital than we need in our bank operating account.”


K. A. Construction Co.

“This power-packed Business Profits checklist solved the mystery about what to do to increase my business profits. I had figured out quite a few ways to immediately increase my profits before I was half-way through the list.”


M. G.

“We have attempted budgeting many times, but what I realized today is that we weren’t completing the financial cycle and therefore continue to fall into confusion time and time again without any real understanding of why. The debt can finally stop and we can see the end of the debt and the beginning to true financial freedom.”



“Back to Basics! Thanks for putting this information together in such a down to earth form. Thanks for developing a software program to implement these basics and make finances fun!”



“I know as I use this cash flow software I will become financially independent.”



“This was exactly what I’ve been looking for to handle my confusion on income and financial planning. It is so simple and so understandable.”



“Wow, this is absolutely phenomenal. I believe anyone can use this to create financial success in their lives. This is great!”



“I started this [training] program with the hopes of having a better picture of my financial situation and a little more control of my finances. I had no idea how transforming it would be. After the first day I was only a quarter of the way through the materials and I felt empowered! It has been like putting on a pair of glasses that gave me more clear vision and a new way of looking at my financial life and how I live it. Applying this program is already changing my company and even my personal finances for the better.


M. T.

‘This software definitely helped to put my attention on creating the future instead just solving present time money problems.”



“Wow! I am so glad that I took the time to get some coaching. What a relief to know that I can control my finances. And it is really so simple because the solution is in the form of easy-to-use software. Thank you!”


J. H.

“It’s great. I use it every week. It is really good and I handled a lot of confusion.”



“It is simple, and easy to use, with the video training. I feel more secure about handling finances. [It] has stabilized me and given me hope to handle finances well.”



I absolutely love this cash flow management software. This not an accounting software although it integrates with accounting software such as Quickbooks. This software, and the training that comes with it, changed my view about how to look at, predict and solve financial problems within my organization. We have gone from counting the total available funds at the end of the month and trying to figure out how to pay the bills (that totaled more than we made) to predicting accurately what we need ahead of time and creating ways to bring that amount of income in the door. FABULOUS!!

Just a little shift in the way a person thinks can totally change how you do business and how the business operates. Many thanks to the staff of Money Management Solutions for their dedication and care in getting us set up and on our way to achieving our financial goals!


CEO of a Non-Profit Organization

“I have used this software program “Cash Flow Mojo” for a Fortune 100 company that does a gross of $2.5 Million per year. It enabled me to turn the company around and move it from red to black within one year. I was also able to establish a reserve account of over $75,000.

If you follow the Cash Flow Mojo® program, you will definitely be able to work yourself out of debt, set-up various reserve and savings accounts and increase your profitability. The program itself is very user friendly and easy to use.

I personally have known Sandra Simmons for several years and she knows what she is talking about. Her expertise in this area is beyond compare and I have personally witnessed what she has been able to do for various companies.”


Kathleen L. – Accountant

“When I was visiting my accountant for my annual meeting with him, I was telling him about the cash flow software and he wanted to see how it worked. So I just logged in on his computer with my login info and password to my account and showed him the software with my data and information. He thought it was great and wanted to have his other clients use it too. I told him this is the software tool I’m using now to get my finances of the business in order and increase my cash flow. Thank you.


Irvin Lloyd – Author

“This software does what it promises it will do. I really like the training videos.”



I can honestly say, the The Cash Flow Management software, and working with Sandra, has single handedly been the most important financial decision I have ever made in my life. When I called Sandra, I was 70k in debt (consumer c/c, medical, office buildout, business loan, etc). I run a very successfully wellness center, and with that success, I still couldn’t overcome my huge amount of debt. The stress was overwhelming, and it was consuming my thoughts every single day.

I was accruing a few hundred dollars in credit card interest every month, and didn’t even know it. I had no idea what my monthly business and personal expenses were, had no plan to reduce my debt, nor did I have any savings put aside. I would pay bills as they came, with no direct strategy for that either. Every quarter I would stress not knowing if I would have enough money to pay my business taxes. I was getting letters from debt collectors every day, with no idea how they obtained this information. I was in a financial mess to say the least. I knew by the end of my first call with Sandra that I was going to be ok, and make it through this. Her confidence and certainty assured me I was in the right place.

We figured out every business and personal expense I had to the penny, and made sure that I was not spending more than I was making every week. That sounds like a simple enough concept, but you will be amazed how many people have no idea exactly what they are spending every month. I thought I did, but I was way off. For the first time, I started paying myself first, and was putting small amounts of money into set aside accounts while I tackled my debt, and started to get back on track. Within a few weeks, I started to feel more confident, and the debt and all associated stresses were coming down. At the same time, we discussed ways to really focus on the promotion of my business to increase our office revenue.

I am so happy and proud to say, that in THREE months of coaching with Sandra and using her software system, I became completely debt free. Something that I didn’t think I would not be able to climb out of without financial assistance, I did in a few short months. Now, 8 months later, I have socked away 80k, and we are on our way to having our best year to date financially in our office. Again, coaching with Sandra and using her system has changed my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for that.


Dr.Daryl Gioffre, DC – Gioffre Chiropractic and Wellness Center – New York, NY

OMG Sandra thank you so much for the referral to the debt consolidation company that you recommended to me!! It’s awesome. I will save $1,200 a month and save my credit score. What a relief..


Claire H. – Louisiana

Dear Sandra, Just wriitng to tell you that I appprecaitre your help with me today. I have been using your cash flow mamagement software program since 2006 and I had some financial problems which I could not figure out. Not only did you schedule time in your busy schedule to help me quickly, you spent almost a half hour which is more than I could expect from some franchise “tech support”. You took the time to explain things to me and went over them again with me to make sure I cleared up the problem. You truly went “above and beyond” any service company that I have dealt with which I appreciate so much. I highly recommend Sandra’s cash flow management program because of the Value intrinsic in it. It is really nice to know that there are other people that truly care about what they do and go the extra mile. With “extra” thanks.


Joshua Goldstein L.Ac. – Licensed Acupuncturist – NJ

“I absolutely love it. With what I have seen so far, I intend to get every one of my clients using it.”



“The amount of the debt was a daunting number and I was overwhelmed. After using this money management software program for just 2 weeks I can already see how it is helping me in getting this handled. I’m putting order into my finances and now it’s just a number.”


A. P.

“I was 180 days behind in my bills and had no spare cash. I’ve been using this cash flow management software for 6 months, and now all my bills are current and I have money in savings!”


J. P.

“This financial program is extremely simple and can put you in much more control over your financial condition. Being a good practitioner and working hard is not the only solution to being financially well off. We have to have a lot of money in order to do well in this society. This software program will help you to manage your money better and will help you to make more money as well.”


D. D. – Future Industrial Technologies

“This Business Profits Checklist is the greatest gold-mine of information to organize your cash flow and increase your profits ever crammed into one product.”


“Wow, this was an eye-opener! I’m doing everything wrong! I own two businesses and miraculously have survived but owe a lot [on] credit cards. I know I can be successful on this program and save myself hours of planning and organization.”


“Extremely beneficial! I had never had any training or guidance in finances, and now I feel there is nothing I can’t do!”


“After using the Profits Checklist I don’t wish my profits were up; I know how to make them go up! I’ve never been this organized with managing my business cash-flow!”

B. K.

“The fact that this model can be applied to both your business and personal finances is invaluable. I feel that in order to be successful in business, you must first be successful in managing your personal affairs. I can’t wait to apply this information to our household budget.” Thank you!


“This gave me hope that something can be done about my own financial situation. I’ve dug myself into debt over about 10 years and I’ve been at my wits end for some time as to how to fix it; the problem [has] been my lack of education and the swirl of opinions and incorrect data in current books and articles. I can see my way out now.”


“Excellent — and I’m a financial professional, a CPA with 30 years experience. This gave me a lot of extremely valuable data to help my clients – as well as myself.”


“This is exactly what is needed for my business and family. Cash Flow Management – what’s that? We have never had “control” over our money and finances. This is the solution! Thank you.”


“We are on the road to financial freedom! Thank you for all your work in putting this software together for our use!”



“Using the cash flow planning software marks a major event in my life.

Struggling with finances has been a lifelong game for me – and I’ve been losing. I have allowed the barriers to financial freedom to keep me stuck and I couldn’t figure out how to tackle the problems.

Now I’ve figured it out and have a roadmap to success. For the first time in my life I’m beginning to be at cause over this area of my life. Thank you!”


A. T

“The program is great, saves a lot of time, and money is being set aside. It has helped me to really look at the NOW and the following weeks for the purpose of quotas and targeting posts.”



“WOW! It costs me WHAT every week to run my business? Are you kidding me? This is the result of doing the Cash Flow Mojo budgeting. It is a clear road to sanity and a look at the reality of the situation. Thank you for taking the time and having the patience to help us put financial sanity into our business..”



“I want to congratulate you for the incredible work you did with your program!!!”



“The software training was a real eye opener on how we have been managing our accounts and paying our bills. We have always realized that we needed help and we are so glad we finally made time to use this software. I look forward to seeing positive results in our checkbook. This system will be so helpful in correcting our cash flow situation and will relieve a lot of stress”


R. P.

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