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Watch our Cash Flow Management Software Tour Video


Hi I’m Sandra Simmons and I’ve been involved in cash flow management for over 30 years. I really appreciate that you came to our site to find out about the Cash Flow Mojo software. I created this Cash Flow Mojo software to give you the best opportunity to clear up any problems you have with your business cash flow management.

As you watch this video, if this software program seems simple and easy to use, it is. That’s why I created it.

By using this software program, you will get relief from the frustrations of managing your company’s money.

Business owners told us they wanted these benefits for their business, so we provided them in this software program. Now you can…

1 – Increase your business income,
2 – Have more than enough money to pay all the bills on time,
3 – Get out of debt,
4 – Expand your company,
5 – Make higher profits,
6 – Get paid an adequate salary, and
7 – Build up cash savings.

This program is not an accounting program. Accounting programs just record what happened with your cash flow in the past. They only produce some reports needed to file your tax returns. They don’t help you plan what to do with your business money to do better in the future.

You use this cash flow management software today and plan the future of your business. It builds an accurate budget and forecast, and lays out exact steps on how to do so.

It guides you step-by-step, to build a cash flow plan BEFORE your money comes in and BEFORE you spend it.

That way, you manage your business cash flow like you should, once and for all.

The budget section of the program shows you exactly how much money you need to operate your business, how much you will need for financial emergencies that may come up, and how to reach your long-term financial goals.

There is a built in safety system to make sure you set your budget correctly so you always have enough money.

In this part of the program, you can set sales and income goals for what your company needs.

You can set sales targets and collection targets, and plan your promotions to meet these targets.

This part of the software program shows you exactly how much money you have available to use for financial planning each week when you use the program.

This window keeps track of your bills and other debts. As an added bonus, you can download your bills from QuickBooks Pro. Or you can enter them manually.

The program helps you decide which bills will be paid. Just click the box beside the bill you want to pay. The program automatically enters the planned payment. And you get a warning if you start to recommend to overspend.

In the Cash Flow Controller window, you find out how your money makes MORE money for you.

Don’t overspend. Just follow the program as it guides you along.

Have money to make your payroll every week.

Have money to increase your sales with advertising and promotion offers.

Always have money for financial emergencies, taxes, business expansion and even long-term wealth building.

Be able to always pay ALL your bills, including any credit debt.

And have plenty of money in your bank accounts.

So finally, can this cash flow management program help you make more money? Absolutely!

Always remember: When you plan how to use your money — it’s always works better for you! Learning this software program is easy!

There are videos built into the program, so you learn to use this program in less than a couple hours! And once you learn it, you have the knowledge for life!

After that…it takes 20 to 30 minutes a week to do your cash flow planning.

Since this software is web based, you can log in from anywhere, on any computer or tablet that has an internet connection.

And for even more help, there are additional coaching programs to assist you.

Stop being controlled by how much money is in your bank account.

Spend $9.99 to invest in your financial survival with the 30-Day Trial right now.

Learn how to use the software; use it every week, and you will be well on your way to achieving YOUR financial goals.

Cash Flow Management Software Video