What Brings Business Money Management Success?

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On business money management success…

“You might well remember that nothing can

bring you success but yourself.”

– Napoleon Hill

My friend Perry Marshall has a term he coined – “Operation Moneysuck” – and it describes what happens to you, as a business owner, when you are in your business working on doing what will bring in the cash flow, and others keep interrupting you to handle all sorts of situations and emergencies that suck up your time when you should be doing what you do best to bring in income.

You aren’t making money when you are fixing the copier, calling the plumber to get the toilet fixed, bypassing the Office Manager by talking to the scheduler about the need to keep the appointment book 95% full, calling patients to remind them of their appointment, or worrying about how you are going to pay bills at the end of the week.

No one can do what you do as a business owner – so do what you are supposed to be doing. Read my article Read my article 3 Required Traits of A Good Business Cash Flow Manager, and then get down to business and let others handle the stuff that you are paying them to handle. Usher the messenger out of your office, lock the door and get down to business.

That brings me to the topic of business money management success, and the help you can get from business cash flow management software. Business cash flow planning, done on a weekly basis takes only 20 – 30 minutes a week. In that short time, you, the business owner, can make good financial decisions and be in control of sales, marketing, income and profits.

When you emerge from your office, you will probably find that the employee has handled the problem, and it wasn’t such an emergency that your valuable time and attention was required. That’s one way to bring success to yourself, and it is just smart business money management.