A Cash Flow Management System That Can Turn Your Business Around Financially

In 1994, while living in Dallas, Texas, I went on a mission to figure out why so many small businesses continually struggle with financial problems no matter what they try, or go bankrupt and fail when they offer excellent products and give excellent customer service. I have known for decades that small and medium sized […]

Cash Flow Management – The Mojo Banishes Financial Headtrash

Cash Flow Management – The Mojo Banishes Financial Headtrash Through the years I’ve heard all kinds of “reasons” why business owners just “can’t” take care of their cash flow management. I call it financial headtrash…because, whatever the excuse, it’s not even HALF as bad as things will be if a business owner runs their business […]

Cash Flow Management Basics and Tools | Cash Flow Mojo


Cash flow management is simply the practice of balancing how much income is coming in with the expenses that need to be paid. Businesses should not spend money they haven’t received, so projecting expenses and setting aside cash for future bills is important to the financial security of a the company. Cash flow basics Operating […]

10 Tips To Increase Your Business Cash Flow

Business cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, but all too often, businesses don’t pay enough attention to bringing cash into the business as fast as possible. The consequences of doing this can be dire: it can mean you don’t have enough money to pay staff or suppliers or, worse, the business could fail […]

How To Handle Cash Flow Problems

There are numerous actions a business can take to solve cash flow problems, make sure income meets cash demands, and ensure the company stays in a financially solvent and viable condition.

A New Online Software Is Helping Business Owners Take charge Of Their Business Cash Flow

A New Online Software Is Helping Business Owners Take charge Of Their Business Cash Flow Cash Flow Mojo® is a combination of tools to assist small to medium sized businesses get their finances in order and become more profitable. For any business to stay afloat then there must be a proper control of their cash […]

The Benefits of Business Cash Flow Management Coaching

Today I want to talk with you about the benefits of cash flow management coaching. Every professional needs a coach. Even when they are winning! A coach is there to help push and guide the professional beyond what they thought possible. A coach is tough and relentless in ensuring the professional is working toward his […]